Beard Wash Invincible Charcoal 100 ml

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Use this Dynamic Beard Wash and Get a Lustrous and Clean Beard

You might be privy to the knowledge of how your beard can accumulate all types of impurities within it. Everything from shed hair, dead skin, excess oil and everyday dirt can be present on your chin and in your beard. Using a beard wash & conditioner in such cases is the best and only measure to ensure that your beard is clean and shiny, and not covered in dust or snoot. We at Beards Men have introduced our range of Beard Shampoo knowing this in mind since simply washing one’s beard with water and soap is too passé. Moreover, you’ll never get that shiny, lustrous look if you don’t use the best beard wash that money can buy. Our range of beard washing products includes contents that are pH balanced and doesn’t affect your skin in any way, nor does it harm your beard. It only works to make your beard be clean throughout your day, every day without fail.

Want the best beard wash for your beard? There are many premium brands available on the market for you to choose from but not all of them are the same. Beard wash from Beardsmen Australia stands apart because of many reasons.

All you need is a tiny drop to lather up your beard nicely. It is easy to apply and sits on the beard firmly – does not drop off and create a mess. It has a nice fragrance that lingers on for quite some time.

Beardsmen Australia beard wash is the best way to keep beard soft and manageable. After using the beard wash, you can easily comb through and set it the way you want and be sure that it will sit that way for the entire day.

The key ingredients that go into making this beard wash a premium brand are:

Decyl glucoside: It is a natural surfactant, that’s non-ionic and helps in foaming and cleansing actions. The plant-derived, biodegradable surfactant is gentle and works on all types of hair.

Aqua: It is primarily used as a solvent as it helps dissolve many of the ingredients resulting in better skin benefits.

Capric Glucoside: It is a mild surfactant obtained from fatty alcohols and glucose from vegetable origin. It is a gentle cleanser and promotes foaming too.

Vegetable Glycerin: It is not too humid or too dry and is recommended for pulling in moisture which keeps hair healthy and good-looking right through the day.

Aloe Extract: Aloe extract is a wonderful hair care ingredient that helps cleanse, nourish and protect hair from damage due to external causes. It also gives hair a nice shine and healthy glow.

Polyquaternium: It makes wet and dry combing easy. It is also a moisturizer and has the ability to add volume and body to sparse hair.

Sodium Hydroxide: It is used in the saponification of oils, for adjusting pH and to neutralize ingredients.

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