Privacy Policy

Beardsmen Australia takes every possible measure for safeguarding your privacy online. We are aware of the fact that your personal information is highly valuable and that’s why there are adequate measures in place to firmly ensure that personal information is collected, used, and if needed, shared in a proper manner.

We stringently comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and its latest revised versions. The core rules of the Act have been clearly stated in the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that decide govern how personal information is collected and used by organizations. The APPs also give individuals the right to know details of information that any organization has collected and held about them. It further gives them the right to correct any errors, if any, in the information thus collected.

This Privacy Statement provides in detail our privacy policy in Australia for handling personal information regulated by the Privacy Act.

Beardsmen Australia does not collect any information about individuals that can identify the person. Such information remains in our database only when some individuals voluntarily provide such information. One example of voluntarily sharing personal information: Details provided during registration, content submission and community postings.

We assure all our registered members that their personally identifiable information is safe and will never be sold or transferred to any third party unless there is a clear and explicit approval of the user to do so from the concerned individual while sharing information with us. We also provide the user the opportunity to specify whether she would like to opt out of receiving information about products, services, and deals of our other products or of any third parties.

We also state that we reserve the right to contact any subscriber in matters related to account status, modifications made to the primary subscriber agreement and for any other matters pertaining to the subject.

We also reserve the right to conduct statistical analyses of user behavior and other factors for measuring the interest of our potential and existing customers about various features of the site. The information will be of value to use while interacting with advertisers and sharing with them details of the outcome of the various advertising processes. However, users can request to opt out of promotional contacts at any time and we shall readily comply.

The reasonable authority will be given so that users can update and/or correct any erroneous personal information previously submitted. Such corrections must not compromise the privacy rules or affect any security interests. The user’s personal information can be functionally deleted from our database upon request.

We restrict the access to personal information stored in our database to authorized staff members only and those in charge of customer service and website management. No authorized member is allowed to share information with those who are not authorized to receive such information, without the consent of the CEO.

Beardsmen Australia reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. This will be done by informing users of the existence of a new privacy statement. Our Privacy Policy and all other statements and policies are not designed to create contractual or other legal rights for or on behalf of any party.


Beardsmen Australia website users can choose to opt-out of the process of receiving communications. They can do so by sending an email or calling customer service. They can also visit the website and unclick the box for receiving information.