Frequently Asked Questions

Does regular use of beard oil really help shape and maintain my beard?

Yes, beard oil is recommended for managing your beard better. Generally, beard hair
is coarse and frizzy. By using our quality beard oil and other beard products, you can
condition it and make it look and feel smooth. Always use beard oil as per instructions
provided on the product packages for best results.

Are there any side-effects associated with your beard care products?

All our products are extensively tested in the most advanced laboratory to make sure
that they are absolutely safe for long term use. As we use only natural ingredients in
our products, you can be sure of its safety. Our beard products are designed for use
on all skin and hair types.


Will exposure to sun or activities like swimming affect the way your products work?

Yes, it might in some cases where there is frequent and extreme exposure to sun’s
harsh and direct rays or if you swim regularly in chlorinated water. Always wear sun
protection while going out. You might have to use our beard care products more
frequently if you indulge in the above frequently.


I’d love to grow my beard but the growth is slow. Can your beard oil accelerate growth of my facial hair?

Our beard oil has ingredients that are tested and proven to improve hair growth.
Regular use can definitely make a visible difference. Remember, results may vary
from one individual to another.

I have seen ads for beard care products that almost always feature men with fairly
long beard. Do beard oil and other products work for smaller beards too?
Of course! In fact, these products work better on smaller beards as they can
penetrate deeper to the hair follicles and underlying skin and nourish them better.

Can I buy your products from any local store or do I have to place an order only through your website?

At present, we do not sell our beard care products offline through any cosmetic store
or retail outlet. You can order our products online conveniently and get delivery
quickly, depending on your geographical location.