About Us

It is not easy to find beard care products as I discovered to my dismay when my facial stubble started forming impressive shapes. I loved my beard and was always looking for ways to make it look more attractive and manageable. That started my long and frustrating search for beard care products in Australia. I could find none that could really make a difference to my beard management routine.

You can say that Beardsmen Australia was born from my own frustration at not finding the kind of products that I was looking for in my country. I had to fight hard, with those who were trying to pass off those substandard products as magical beard tending portions, with my wife who thought I had misplaced priorities and with myself because it was apparent that I was losing the battle. But I kept egging on myself because my beard meant so much to me. If ever I could bring myself to shaving off my beard, it was only because of the joy of growing it again. Such was the passion!

My research took me to the lap of the majestic Himalayas in India. This is where I could find just the kind of compositions I was looking. The smoothers, the essential oils and a few other things that I never knew could be used for beard grooming.

One important reason why you cannot expect to find success straightaway in such a venture is because not every man with a flurry of facial hair is a connoisseur of beard care products. Most of them are okay with the humble comb and the simple pair of scissors available at home to keep their beard in shape. But at Beardsmen Australia, we are trying to change that.

We want men to banish those cheap, tacky products from their beard caring routine and try our premium quality, highly researched brands that are developed in one of the most sophisticated labs in the world using advanced and tested processes. With Beardsmen Australia brand, we guarantee an amazingly positive experience in beard care and maintenance.

At Beardsmen Australia, we believe that with great beard come greater responsibilities. We are committed to change the way you style your beard. And also the way others view it.