Top 6 Questions and Answers Related to Patchy Beard

Following article is a culmination of commonly asked questions about a patchy beard. I have provided answers to these frequently asked questions to gain perspective of a bearded life. Most of these questions cover the issues which men encounter.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with the questions.

  1. Should I shave or not?

shave or not

You might be having a patchy beard because of frequent shaving. No matter what type of beard you have, shaving is never going to help you grow it. There is a myth that says that shaving will make the beard grow more and thicker. Kindly, stay 20 feet away from such myths if you are serious about growing a beard. 

  1. How long should I go without shaving?

How long should I go without shaving

Professional usually suggest not shaving for about 3 months. But, I feel that it depends on the type or growth of your beard. First, try to learn how much or fast your beard grows. If you get a fully grown beard within 4-5 week, you can go for the razor if you like. But if you are still getting a patchy beard after 2 months, consider giving it more time.

  1. How to make the beard hair thick?

How to make the beard hair thick

Honestly speaking, the thickness of the beard depends on your genes. You can turn to the aid of grooming products like beard oils but it will hardly make the hair thick. Make sure to take proper care of the beard and eat healthy food to keep the beard healthy. Don’t bother if you don’t have thick beard hair, every beard is unique and appealing.

  1. Is beard growing a long process?

beard growing a long process

This is one of the most asked questions by the men who have a patchy beard. In all honesty, men with a patchy beard are likely to take more time to get a fully-grown beard. Beard growing is a long process even for the men who have proper beard hair. So, no matter what kind of beard you don, the whole process is as long as you want your beard.

  1. What if the beard hair makes the skin itchy?

beard hair makes the skin itchy

Hair accumulated in any body part can make it itchy. Similarly, a beard can also make your face itchy. The best thing to eradicate this possibility is by making sure that you keep your beard clean. Make sure to use quality products on your beard to make sure it is healthy.

  1. Does beard give woman’s face rashes?

Does beard give woman’s face rashes

Women like the feel of beard on their skin, no doubt. But I would rather use rug burn instead of using rashes. I consider it as the spoils of war. Even if they give your woman rashes, she will never object it. So keep up the good work.