Speed up Your Beard Growth Naturally with This Super Food

Many men struggle to grow a majestic beard. They struggle with scanty hair growth and patchiness. Good news is facial hair growth can be enhanced by eating some foods. There are certain super foods which can stimulate hair growth and can help in growing a luscious beard. Here is how beard growth foods work-

Facial hair growth is regulated by two hormones DHT and testosterone. Beard growth foods enhance the level of these hormones in a male body and thus, help in facial hair growth.

Eating these foods results in the following:

1) Increasing the production of thyroid hormone

2) Increasing DHT levels and testosterone

3) Making DHT and testosterone more active

4) Providing the body with essential minerals and vitamins to stimulate growth

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1) Beef


Beef is one of the most consumed foods on the planet. It is rich in protein and saturated fat. Both these components are a good source of testosterone production. The fatty acid present in beef helps you maintain a good hair growth.

2) Gelatin


Proline and glycine are two very important acids for hair growth. These components are collagen proteins which are helpful in producing nails, skin, and hair.  Gelatin contains both the glycine and proline in an abundant amount. Thus, consuming gelatin is a good way of increasing hair growth.

3) Kale


Kale is one of the healthiest foods to include in your regular diet. It is a rich source of vitamin A which can be used to rebuild skin tissues. For growing a thick beard, it is essential to have a healthy skin. Kale can help fix brittle and patchy beard.

4) Fish


The micro nutrients in fish are highly beneficial for a healthy beard growth. The vitamin B and proteins are a good source of repairing hair and skin tissues. The Omega-3s present in fish is a good source to build cell membrane which helps whiskers to stay strong and healthy.

5) Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which stimulates the production of collagen and stops free radicals causing damage to hair and skin. Orange juice is a highly rich source of vitamin C. Its regular intake can help stimulate hair growth.

6) Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are very effective for a healthy beard growth. The mineral selenium in these nuts is responsible for it. Selenium speeds up the thyroid function. Include Brazil nuts in your diet and grow hair naturally.

7) Eggs


Eggs are a rich source of protein, a key component for a healthy hair growth. It also entails cholesterol which is necessary for testosterone production, a component helpful in a healthy beard growth.

Apart from being heavily loaded with all the micronutrients (minerals and vitamins), eggs are a rich source of biotin, a key element responsible for hair growth.


8) Potatoes


Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates. The hair beneficial hormones, testosterone and DHT are produced using the carbohydrates present in the body. When you include a potato intake in your diet, your hair tends to grow naturally.

9) Raisins


Including raisins in your diet is a good way of getting rid of patchy beard issues. Raisins are super rich in boron; it is a great mineral for healthy hair growth. It enhances the level of testosterone and DHT in the body, which in turn affects hair growth.   

There you go! If you are dealing with issues such as scanty and patchy beard try these products.

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