How To Grow Your Beard And Moustache Right And Not Look Like An Idiot

Calling all beard lovers! The mug-rug look is back in vogue. Almost everyone from actors to CEOs to salespersons to magicians is all sporting beards in Australia. If you too are ready to jump on to the beard-wagon, here are some tips to help you do it right without looking like an idiot.

First things first. Look in the mirror. If you see some stubble growing randomly here and there, and not the way you want to, then you will have to put in some effort.

Stubble Cycle:

Shave, grow, shave is a good way of taking the first steps towards growing a smart-looking stubble. It will take time, maybe months for a harrier appearance to become visible but once you see a fair sprinkling of bristles, go easy on the shaved part. Stubble Cycle is recommended for those who want to start growing a beard and moustache but are clueless about how to go about it. Shaving your beard does not make it grow faster is an accepted fact but here we are only aiming to get your bristles grow the right way – not faster or less fast.


Many beard experts say that the best way to boost up It helps remove dead and unwanted cells and encourages hair growth.

Use A Good Skin Cleanser

It is an accepted fact that clean skin is the best way of accelerating hair growth on the face. Wash face with warm water and use a cleanser to remove the deep set grime. Within days, you will see the bristles clearly.

Add More Protein To Your Diet

There is a deep connection between hair growth and protein intake. If you include a healthy dose of protein in your daily diet, there will be a visible difference in the quality and quantity of facial hair. Nuts, meat, fish, and eggs are natural and abundant resources of quality protein.

Massage Works Best

Go for a facial massage once in a month. Improved circulation can stimulate hair growth. It can also encourage the growth of new hair. Facial massage is a wonderful way of achieving great looking stubble that’s evenly spread and dense too – just the way you always wanted it.

Natural Oils Can Do Wonders

Use natural oils to keep your facial skin healthy and stimulated. Natural oils like amla are known to improve facial hair growth. These are all time-tested remedies that are never known to fail. Just make sure, you follow the right process and do it regularly for best results.


Did you know that stress can be one of the biggest beard blockers? Yes, you read that right. Stress can slow down hair growth. Haven’t you heard people losing hair due to stress? It is applicable for beard too. So, do things that brings down stress level. Get a good night’s sleep. Exercise regularly and have fun.

One more thing! Do not give up the process. You might have done all the hard work and might be at the threshold of reaping the benefits when the temptation to give up gets stronger. Do not yield to it. Keep going till you breast the tape.