How Can You Make Your Own Beard Oil

Similar to the way that the mop on the top of the broomstick needs care from time to time for longevity and performance, your beard too needs time to time care for a longer life and better looks. This process of hair care involves shampooing, conditioning, and oiling at regular intervals. When talking about oils, it is important to notice that beard oils can be a little expensive. It is therefore much more convenient to make your own natural beard oils right at home instead of going to the market spending a ton of money on the beard care products.

I personally can say that homemade beard oils are a wonder. The smell, the quality, and most importantly, the effectiveness, it is just enthralling. Making your own beard oil is not that difficult. All you need is a few things in the right qualities and you are good to go. This blog will focus on exactly those few things. Have a look!

The Ingredients

    You need 1-ounce bottles, vodka shot glasses for measurement, a small funnel, carrier oils for containing the mixture, and of course, the essential oils that will actually make the beard oil. The carrier oils and essentials oils can be bought from the nearby departmental store and are cheap as well. These ingredients will help you make the beard oil and the best thing about these ingredients is that they are easily available and are very cheap.

    Carrier Oil Are a Must

      Carrier Oil

      Carrier oils make up for around 80 percent of the whole beard oil. These oils contain the other ingredients and make the beard oil work. There is another purpose for these carrier oils. They are also meant for making the beard oil easy to absorb and more palatable. The other reason is that essential oils cannot be used by themselves. They need to be diluted or else they can cause irritation and a burning sensation. Some of the most common carrier oils are mentioned below –

      • Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the human skin and has similar properties to the sebum produced by human beings.
      • Argan oil – Argan oil has a special property that promotes anti-aging and wrinkling of the skin.
      • Coconut oil – Coconut oil needs no introduction. It is the most popular oil used for various purposes. It is famous for moisturizing as well as hydrating the skin. As a result, it will obviously be good as a carrier oil
      • Hazelnut oil – Hazelnut oil has properties that prevent and treat acne.

      Essential oils

        Essential oils

        Essential oils are the main ingredient or the ‘chemical X’ for the beard oils. They are made out of simple things like stems, seeds, and flowers. For instance, when you squeeze an almond or an orange peel, the residue substance is basically an essential oil. These oils are strong scented and possess special properties. Things like cedarwood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and amla are used as sources of essential oils.

        Add all these ingredients to make your own homemade beard oils. Hope this information helps.