Are you on the right track of impressing women?

There have been many surveys and studies in recent years which suggested that a vast majority of men and women enjoy the face fur. Tastes may change from time to time. Trends may get replaced by the new ones. But fashion and personal awareness are here to stay.

Beard plays a vital role when it comes to the personality of men. Whether a fully grown Eastwood-like beard or a designer stubble, beard enhances the personality of a man. Somewhere in the huge beard types, the big Viking beards are becoming slowly obsolete. All in all, the designer beard is said to be the real winner in today’s world.

Beard Grooming and Beard Maintenance are important elements for every man in the world. No matter what our personal preferences are, all of us highly approve of a 'man in a beard.'

Women adore men with beard

Women adore men with beard

One of the most important things every man thinks before growing a beard is to attract the opposite sex. It is no secret that the beard is a real head turner for women. In fact, about 97% of women like their men bearded. Women have grown independent and have travelled a long way from being feminine to become badass. I for one can only applaud this!

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It was inevitable that women will be a dominant force. Now, women are in such liberty that they can go around freely rejected men who don’t successfully compliment their taste. This is where Beard Grooming come to play. As I already mentioned that women like their men with beard, Beard Maintenance has become an important part of every man’s life.

Things to consider for better Beard Maintenance

With the rise in requirement comes a drop in quality. This is a common thing which everyone knows. You might be wondering why I’m mentioning this when I’m talking about the beard. Well, it’s because this rule applies to beard as well. Since more men are competing to grow a better beard, most choose the wrong ways. Here are some pro tips to help you out.

  1. Let the beard grow. How else will you understand the growth rate and type of your beard?
  2. Stay away from the razor. You can surely trim your beard time-to-time to shape it up. But try to refrain from shaving it if you are growing beard.
  3. Try to use quality Beard Grooming Products. There is nothing good about using cheap products.
  4. Eat healthy because the beard needs nutrition just like the body.
  5. Keep it clean if you don’t want a damaged or patchy beard. Dust gets accumulated in the beard which can harm it.
With all being said, Beard Grooming Products are considered to be the best ways for proper beard maintenance. A man grows a beard for himself but there is no denying that it affects the opposite sex too. The popularity of beard has quadrupled in recent years and there is no secret that ladies dig it too.